Sunday, October 12, 2008

Just an Image to Keep My Hand In

So I've been leafing through this book on working as a fine artist. The author states that it's good practice for a an artist to have five shows on tap at any given point. I think I've got an idea of what I want to do.

First off are the Bonelands show and the show featuring the Anomalocaris.

Then I want to do a series of Mesozoic landscapes in a style strongly influenced by Japanese prints and Taoist landscape painting. I want to go for a more distant, moody, impressionistic quality than you usually see with this kind of subject matter.

Then I want to do a series based on the next set of illustrations I do for Swill. I intend to use photography more extensively and incorporate photographs of settings and people in the mix this time around.

And finally, I want to do a series of linoleum cuts based on drawings of botanical subjects and make use of all the wonderful botanical gardens we have in the area. I'll scan the prints from the linoleum cuts into the computer and manipulate the image to accentuate the grain of the paper and any irregularities in the ink, etc, etc. before coloring it.

And there we go. I now know what I'm doing over the next few years...

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