Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's Like Someone Dialed the Gravity Back to its Proper Setting

After I voted yesterday I colored four prints. I had to get my number assignment printed and I wanted enough material ready to go to make the trip to the print lab worthwhile.

I've adopted a coloring procedure that surely marks me as a hack. There's a function in Illustrator that will take an initial color and generate a whole slew of pallets from it.

I'll use that to get an initial collection of colors and then when I've used them in the print, I'll use Photoshop adjustment layers to adjust the colors until I've got something I like. Of course I'll make changes based on what my eye tells me -- the sky in the above image is an example. I didn't like any of the pre-generated colors for the sky so I lightened and warmed it.

For some of these images flat color seems appropriate, for others toned color seems best. At first I thought it would depend on the coarseness of the dithering but that ain't the case -- each image seems to have its own opinion.

Here are some random thoughts from last night:

Up until Obama was declared President, I was expecting him to lose simply because I wanted him to win so badly. Same reason The Tick went off the air.

But he won! I bet this is how it felt for the Munchkins when the house landed on the witch. I am so fucking relieved.

Huh. I kinda assumed that if McCain lost he'd just burst into a thousand pieces like Rumplestiltskin at the end of the story. This speech ain't bad. He's got a good speechwriter who understood that Junior High students will be reading about this in Civics. He's hitting some points that surprise me -- this ain't bad at all. Of course I'm still damned glad he lost.

Funny how Obama's speech isn't as thrilling. I guess that's because I expect him to say the right thing, unlike McCain. That's why I liked that speech -- shock value.

Proposition Eight passed? I haven't been this ashamed of my state since the time they voted a killer cyborg from the future into the Governer's office twice -- and even he's against Prop Eight... Jesus, that's awful.

Cool. We're getting the kind of solid majority in the Senate that needs to cooperate with the Republicans to pass stuff. That's actually pretty perfect.

Huh. I'm already starting to think of mocking points for Obama -- a voice in my ear just whispered he looks like Spock and he's got the body language of a game show host. I am so going to hell.

Thank you, America. You didn't screw it up this time.

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