Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oh Brother.

You aren't helping, Govenor.

This was the headline on a local student newspaper I picked up yesterday. I've been turning some ideas for a perfect society over in my head and this gave me a good one, simple yet effective.

Any official acting against education gets their title misspelled. Until his attitude changes he's Govenor Schwarzenegger to me.


LunchBoxxx said...

I can digg it. though a sate wide strike for all educators and child care services would be hilarous due to all the kids running around destroying everything it would be worse than a roit!

Sean Craven said...

I dunno -- have you seen how kids are raised these days? They're like fucking veal, man. When I was a kid we'd be thrown out into the world first thing in the morning and not to come home until six. As a result we grew up having torch fights and building instruments of death from the lawn mower blades we swiped from the dumpster behind the hardware store.

The kids these days, they got no moxie. Track the falling rates of youth violence, man. It's a disgrace.

LunchBoxxx said...