Friday, February 6, 2009

My Stupid Yet Oddly Pleasing Morning

Man, I miss weight training. Stupid back. I hope they perfect disc replacement surgery while I've still got some juice left in me...

It's been an odd morning...

Part The First:
Idiot Savant, Emphasis On The Idiot

So last week I head out the door to register for the lab for my printmaking class. (I have to do this because the school's current registration system has already fucked me up a couple of times -- it's a disaster.) I get two blocks and feel uneasy; I look in the catalog and double-check what time it starts.

It starts at two, not at one. So I go home and read for half an hour.

When I show up, there's a class in the room the lab is supposed to be in. I look at the catalog again; I should have been there at nine in the morning.

This is not typical of me. When it comes to this kind of stuff I'm usually pretty sharp. This is a concern. And when I find out from my counselor that it might be too late to register for the course.

So I head in today. And the lab is closed. I check the time in the catalog again.

It starts at six tonight.


Part The Second:
Black and white
shall unite
when everyone
digs Dolemite.

Mildly Irate Urban Youth: Fuck's up with that Dolemite shirt?
The Oaf: Man, I'm from Richmond. I grew up in Dolemite.

We both grin, dap, and then chat for a few moments.

Racial issues suck but with mutual good will we can get a little fun out of them every once in a while.

Part The Third:
Like Segovia, Only Twangy

In a rare gesture of solidarity I gave a busker a buck.

Busker: Thanks, man.
The Oaf: Hey, it's nice to hear someone playing in public who isn't just practicing their scales.
Busker: Cracks up. Hey, I'll be doing that later.

He was playing classical stuff, something baroque yet unfamiliar. Telemann? Purcell?

He was playing it on a banjo.


Zach said...

You've got disk problems too? I have two out (L5-S1 and L4-L5) and two more on the way. You should meet my friends sometime: Vicodin and...the muscle relaxer that just knocks me out.

I only take those pills when the pain is really killing me, though. Oddly enough, I can still lift heavy things (I probably shouldn't) and experience little or no pain, but sometimes I wake up in the morning and can hardly move. It's very strange.

Sean Craven said...

Yeah, I think it's the same two discs I've got. I've had a micro-discectomy and am currently trying to avoid spinal fusion.

My situation seems like it's a little different then yours. I have one disc that's compressed but the other one ruptured and pressed against my sciatic nerve. I did it doing warehouse work and kept working through the pain for more than a year, which wound up doing some nerve damage that gives me chronic pain.

I can't stay in any given position for too long -- laying down and walking are the most comfortable and sustainable for me, my ability to stand and sit is pretty limited, and as for bending and stooping -- I've mostly given up on picking up nickles.

The last time I was in physical therapy I was told to buy loafers so I wouldn't have to bend to tie my shoes. "You only have so many bends left in your back. What to do you want to use them on?"

's one of the reasons I spend so much time on line -- my computer workstation is centered around a recliner, which is the only furniture I've got which has good lumbar support.

I get Vicodin and an anti-inflammatory, but I use them as little as possible, basically only when the pain is enough to keep me up at night. Vicodin makes me itch and twitch and tends to set off my depression (not as badly as the last painkiller I had, though) and the anti-inflammatory is rough on my stomach.

Most of the time it doesn't bother me too badly and I start telling myself it's time to quit dicking around and go get a real job. But then I do something like see a movie on the same day I have a class and I realize that I am, in fact, fucked.

Oh well -- if it weren't for the back I'd still be hucking boxes, digging ditches, and cleaning toilets. I've been able to avoid going on SSI or welfare thus far; with luck I'll be able to get myself out of this hole within the next few years.