Monday, February 9, 2009

Something's Wrong With My Brain -- Something New, I Mean

From my first dinosaur to my most recent... Here's a Psittacosaurus neimongoliensis. I worked from Scott Hartman's skeletal diagram -- if you like this kind of stuff, I can't recommend his site highly enough.

Well, the old self-sabotage has taken a radical new turn. Normally I'm the kind of person who is punctual to a degree that borders on the pathological -- I always allow myself plenty of time to get lost when I'm going someplace new, I always show up fifteen minutes ahead of time, etc, etc.

But in the last couple of weeks an alarming deficit has started to show up. In an earlier post I mentioned my difficulty determining the time when a lab started. Well, last week I had an appointment with my pain control specialist and I totally blew it off -- completely forgot about it.

I've got a superstitious belief that things come in threes... Well, that's two.

On the up side, the teacher that's reading my novel? Well, she was talking it up to one of her pals and so now the TA for my digital printing class wants to read The Ghost Rockers. Which is cool -- the idea that I'm getting word of mouth already is encouraging.

You know what makes it extra cool? She's Lisafer, the guitarist for Cookie Mongoloid. I am no stranger to metal -- but this is stranger metal than most.

(The Oaf bangs his head, makes devil horns.)

Rock on!

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Zachary said...

Not a bad psittacosaur, sir. It'll certainly be a good model for your life restoration. And yeah, Scott Hartman is the freaking man, but he doesn't update his site nearly enough.

Another good person for skeletals is Jaime Headden. I'll forward some of his more awesome skeletals your way...