Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lycaenops: Part Two

Not exactly the pose I had in mind when I started, but at least it's got a little motion to it.

Well, this wound up giving me more trouble than I thought -- since this was based on a drawing that was based on a drawing that was based on --

Anyway, there wasn't as much subtle detail as I usually get out of a skeletal diagram. And the femur covered part of the pelvis and I couldn't find an image of a gorgonopsid pelvis anywhere on the net so I had to fake it. And my tremor has been giving me merry hell so the line quality is even shakier then usual. And the pose looks a bit dorky...

... but I think I'll be able to get a good finished piece out of it.

I'm gonna go take care of my editing, then come back and try and get the finished version of the skeleton before tonight's writer's group meeting.

Oh, man, the iPod just threw up some Primus... ah, it'll be here when I come back.

1 comment:

Traumador said...

looking good so far dude!

yeah gorgonopsids, not to mention every none fin backed synapsid, are virtually none existiant in cyberspace... i think the ART Evolved gallery will end up the largest collection of pictures of them outside wikipedia (there are some very talented capable synapsid artists there).