Monday, May 18, 2009

Moonwatch 3

Those eyes just aren't working. I was going to try to duplicate the layer with the creature and hollow out its eye sockets -- and I think I'll just stop there. Photoshop is gross, man.

Well, I'm closing in on it. All I need to do is to get the eyes right and then experiment with tweaking the overall color in a LAB file and I'll call it done.

I took a couple of hours off this afternoon at the behest of the missus. We went to see Star Trek. I thought it was a decent crappy movie, more Star Wars than Star Trek; the the missus and a pal of ours were a lot more enthusiastic. But then they're Star Trek fans. I'll admit my blood ran cold when the Live Long and Prosper sign got flashed and I glanced over and saw them both making the sign at the screen, but then I'm conflicted about my own geekitude.


robp said...

Enjoyed the Trek and I'm a Trek fan, but it was far more an action flick than was the show. Still, it was for the most part well cast except for the glaring exception of the actor playing Captain Kirk. Couldn't they just do something with special effects so that role is always played by William Shatner? Talk about born to play one role (and maybe no other) - Shatner as Kirk rates with James Caan as Sonny Corleone.

Although Shatner of course always claimed to be a Shakespearean actor, you could probably eat a meal while he delivered a Hamlet soliloquy. Shatner was to pauses what Joey Ramone was to syllables, but whereas Joey lengthened words, Shatner

Peter Bond said...

Sean, I am intreged by this Moonwatch series. My fav is #2, but how did you create them?

Also saw Star Trek and agree with Rob. Enjoyed it and thought Sylar as Spock did well.

Weapon of Mass Imagination said...

The landscape is looking awesome in the picture. I liked the earlier version of the green glob.

From a narrative point of view I thought Trek verged on some real awesome character driven moments (unlike Wars' cardboard caricatures)...

That is till Nimoy came and ruined it by artifically solving the Kirk vs. Spock conflict (it bugged me so much I wrote a whole post about it on my blog). If they hadn't gone with them resolving their issues cause a guy from the future telling them they should be friends (SO lame!), it would have been one of the best space epic movies out there.

Oh well.