Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Nicer Skeleton

A moment's inspiration gave me a clue as to how to improve the skeleton below. That one's an Autotrace of a Photoshop file. I realized that if I manipulated the Autotrace options I could get a solid outline of the skeleton. I did so, then rendered the first trace in a dark color and put it on top of the second, rendered in a light color, then put a midrange rectangle behind both. So now I have something to post if I mess up the finished piece.

That was fast. This is the third of these skeletal drawings I've done so far. I uses Photoshop techniques for the first and it took me a long workday. l did the second one using Live Paint and it took me a couple of hours to get the results I wanted. This one? From the initial Photoshop file (which was a real bear) to the finished Illustrator piece, less then an hour.

I'm in love with Illustrator.

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cigen said...

At any rate, I liked some of the vadlo science cartoons!