Monday, June 22, 2009

To-Do List and New Old Suits

I'm taking today off as a pure maintenance day. I'm going to be busy, but it'll be dealing with support and preparation issues. Right now everything in life seems to have ganged up on me. When that happens life wins and I lose, so it's time to break off some smaller problems and tackle them one at a time.

My main concerns are as follows; I need to finish the illustrations for Swill, I need to get two short stories off to Viable Paradise by the end of the month, and I need to have a Pterosaur illustration done by the first.

But right now my studio has become such a hideous sty that there is no way for me to function properly. The manuscripts of the short stories are mixed up with all the other manuscripts scattered everywhere, there are bottles all over the place, drifts of books and magazines cover the floor...

So here is today's list of tasks.

Go to the glass store and order the glass for the scanner. Then I'll be able to add metal and stone to the list of scannable items and I can stop worrying about scratching my scanner bed.

Gather and organize all loose manuscripts.

Sort and stack all books and magazines. Recycle all bottles. Start stuffing trash into a bag.

Then if there's time this afternoon, redo the piece I initially intended to be the centerfold as a one-page image. It ain't gonna be a centerfold; it's gotta be a diptych, which necessitates a denser sort of composition. That's fine; the image will work well for my Tribulator piece.

Tomorrow? Finish the stories and get 'em in the mail by Wednesday.

Oh, and in another bit of good news, I now have two very nice suits. "You just don't get it," the missus said, "those suits are worth more than a thousand each." These are not plainclothes cop suits -- these are Very Nice Indeed. The word elegant has been used.

They cost me two bucks -- and the previous owner was thrilled to pass them on to someone who could use them. Thank you, Yard Sale Guy. Now if I hadn't forgotten that calf-length camel-hair coat he had for me...

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