Sunday, October 18, 2009

Apatasourus louisae 3

Tomorrow I'll 'ink' this in Illustrator, then take it over to Photoshop for coloring. It came out better than I expected; the color's gonna help a lot.

That's it for today; now I'm off to go up to Telegraph and hang with my buddy Aubrey for a while.


Peter Bond said...

Wow! Love the details in the scales! What colour scheme are you thinking?

Traumador said...

wow that is a lot of progress for a day! well done.

sorry i'm tuning in so late. time zone difference is killing me on these awesome live bloggings!

can't wait to see the digitized version...

Rachael said...

Really like this- you need to click on it and zoom in to get the full effect- looks kind of medieval at the moment - like one of those lovely wood block prints of mythical creatures -but very detailed.

Scales! I know all about drawing in scales! Makes you mad. Mad I tell you.