Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Every Journey Begins With A Stumble

So the lovely SLR camera loaned to me by the very kind Warren Lutz combined with a lovely new macro lens has proven a trial. I finally figured things out to the point where I could take pictures, and sooo-prise! Clicking the shutter makes photos too blurry to use.

But. They do make an inexpensive remote for this camera. (Nikon-D60, plenty good enough for the likes of me.) And they stock it in the camera store where I take my tabletop photography lessons. So my bold 'the future commences today!' has turned into, "Huh. Got a couple of days open. Time for small chores."

So this afternoon, I run about the city making deposits and small purchases. And tomorrow?

Dah-dah-dah-duuuuuuhm. I write my writing resume, in honor of Sr. Lutz.

Because from now on, every day must serve the interests of OafCo.

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