Thursday, April 26, 2012

Swill Has Rocks and Dirt

In the finished piece, vegetation will cover the parts where the distant and mid-range rocks overlap, so they'll look more discrete.

And I had to break the back-to-front rule. In order to figure out the colors for the mid-range rock, I needed to know the colors of the nearest earth-tones in the image, and those would be in the patch of dirt in the lower right-hand corner.

Of course, I got up at four-thirty and started working. Almost time for my counseling appointment... All winter long I told myself that when I was ready to start work, it would not be a matter of willpower, it would be a matter of yielding to compulsion.

Self, you're starting to figure things out. Now it's time for moss and pitcher plants, and whatever that phallic thing is.

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