Sunday, September 28, 2008

Deep In The River Part Two: The Scans

Before I began scanning and between each scan I dusted the bed of the scanner with a piece of paper towel and then wiped it with a silicon-impregnated lens-cleaning cloth.

I probably won't use all of these object but I want to have enough to be able to pick and choose as I work without having to go looking for the last piece of the puzzle.

Lisa, the TA in Digital Printmaking, told me that she scanned insect parts in at such a high resolution that she was able to see their mites: I scanned these in at as high a resolution as I had and didn't get those results.

These are grayscale images because I add color at the end of the process. Right now my task is to make these things come together into an identifiably animal form and it makes things easier for me if I don't have to mess with matching colors.

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