Thursday, October 2, 2008

What The Hell Are You Looking At?

I want a T-shirt with this logo.

I figured I'd give myself a break from cubes for a while. This was a lot more work than I thought it would be -- automatic tracing is not the shortcut one might think. You've got to fiddle with the results endlessly.


robp said...

Sean, if you genuinely want a tshirt, send me the file (if it's huge I can get you my work ftp login and you can post it there). I know a guy who does shirts, I can get em for cost.

Oh yeah, and remind me to get some Swill shirts done. Include shirt size and color (they tend to look best on white) in the email text.

Very Residential, btw. Good stuff.

Sean Craven said...

Hey, Rob, I want in on that action. I want to do a version of the Swill logo meant to be printed on a black shirt -- there'll be a heavy white outline and the black of the logo will be the black of the shirt.

If you could put me in touch with this guy so we could work out file formats -- how do I set up the image files for him to work with, allowing for things like exposing shirt color etc., that would be ducky.

And I was thinking about both the Residents and the HST double-thumbed fist dagger Gonzo logo. That's another T-shirt I want -- smeary Gonzo logo in black on gray or an off-brown...

My old ideal for a T-shirt was a means of transmitting information. Now I see the T-shirt as a superhero outfit.

(And is it just me or do these words for word verification make you think about the glossaries in the backs of those elf-and-unicorn novels?)