Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Meanwhile in Homicide Central...

There was a candlelight vigil last night followed by a community meeting. I participated in the vigil and the missus attended the meeting; she walked out partway through when it seemed as if it was just going to be a bunch of people throwing their hands up in the air and saying, "Oh, isn't this awful!"

And it turns out that the initial rumors that this was two dudes shooting each other over a dice game are false. They were involved in the drug trade and were executed by a party or parties unknown.

So we've got some killers on the loose.

Oh, and I was interviewed briefly yesterday afternoon and some of it made the news, or so I'm told. Now I'm curious...

And the missus tracked it down. I still don't know how to do links but if you're curious you can cut and paste.


The clip is Ken Wayne Reports On Growing Concerns Over Recent Spate Of Street Violence. I've got a sound bite at one minute and fifty-five seconds...

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