Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pull Up Your Socks, Oafboy

This is the official logo for the Dizzy Toilet Devils. Intentionally.

So I've been out of commission for the last little while. It's been a combination of back and crazy -- the two do so like to link their moist little paws and walk side by side.

I haven't been answering my emails, I haven't attended classes, I haven't posted here, I haven't done any writing or art. It hasn't been the kind of thing where I'm nipping little bits of flesh off of myself and terrifying strangers; rather, I've been blank. Absent. Without volition or will of any kind. The kind of thing where I can spend hours absentmindedly pacing back and forth between the television set and the refrigerator, carefully and deliberately failing to make up my mind as to any course of action.

Part of it has to do with the season (you'll hear me blaming the seasons for my mental condition on a regular basis -- I have a different crazy for every part of the year). Part of it has to do with hitting a stage of completion on two major projects within a few days of each other. Part of it has to do with a failure to take proper care of myself.

But it's been too damned long and I need to pull myself out of the slough of despond. I'm gonna start by putting up a couple of posts here, then answer my emails, then get to work on the Swill material, then get the Anomalocaris drawing back in the game.

One step at a time, oafboy. One step at a time.

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