Saturday, January 24, 2009

Make Room! Make Room!

Holy smokes, I just realized that when I processed this for the site I forgot to reduce the size of the image. This thing's four feet long... Anyway, now all I need to do is add a little blur to the shading on the land and the reflections in the water and mess a little with the overall color. And I realized that while I started off thinking of this as a river it looks more like a lake or reservoir.

So my pal Deborah Kuchar is coming over this afternoon to have lunch and then help me start whipping my studio into functional shape.

I need to get rid of a ton of books in order to make room for things that are currently sitting on the floor. It's not going to be an entirely heartbreaking situation -- I'll be dumping old computer manuals, books with visual references that I can easily look up on the web, things I bought at yard sales and never got around to reading.

I like to go through my library this way every so often. There's a hard core of books that I know damn well I'm going to read again. There are books that are so darned cute I can't bear to part with them. There are necessary reference volumes.

But right now I'm at the point I just need space. We may have a new member in the writer's group and if I don't get some elbow room cleared we're gonna have trouble. Plus, I want to get my printer back into play.

So today we get to see a massive dump of volumes. Oh, joy.


robp said...

"Make Room?" Will you be getting rid of just books are will you be disposing of something soylent? Should Deborah be careful on her way out?

ok, can't figure out how to put an image in a comment, so try this:

Raptor Lewis said...

Ah...the joys of housekeeping. lol!
Hope that goes well for ya, man.

Sean Craven said...

We got a few hundred pounds of books out of here and thanks to Deborah doing all of the lugging my back is sensitive but not painful -- and we cleared as much space as I needed.

Now I have to do a little shuffling around and get my printer set up again and then start figuring out the next step.

Rob, I don't seem to be able to get anything by you... I've read a few Harrison novels but still haven't gotten around to that one.