Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Plots Thicken, Mysteries Deepen, And I Suck, Again

More of my early dinosaur work from that recovered sketchbook. Those in the know will recognize the Gregory Paul posture -- I was working from a skeletal diagram from Predatory Dinosaurs of the World.

I did do a feathered version but back then the consensus was against feathered dinosaurs. Well, Mr. Paul said small theropods were likely feathered and he turned out to be dead right...

So. I was able to find out a little more about whatever's going on. It seems that the first web appearance of the image I scanned and posted yesterday showed up here.

Other sources, of which I dare not speak, have informed me that the above posting is just the nose of the nightmare. I've been invited to join a cabal. Normally you don't mention this kind of thing in public -- but this particular band of conspirators consists of my entire readership, aside from a media mole or two.

On the serial: I got the feedback from my writer's group this week. Unfortunately the SF/Fantasy reader wasn't there, which means I got a lot of well-earned "What the hell is going on here?"

Which means I'm going to do a drastic re-write of the first chapter and change my approach. Instead of a post-cyberpunk influenced nugget of informational density I'm going to go to more of a Once Upon a Time approach where I spell things out and provide explanations for the readers.

Because they are weak and ignorant, he said petulantly. Because they fear the dictionary.

Thank god I've got people to bring me back from the brink of total incomprehensibility.

And I screwed up my classes this semester. Damnit. I thought my Art Marketing class was on Friday afternoons. Instead, it's tonight. Which means I have to drop my Photography class. Hopefully there's something I need on Fridays...


Zachary said...

Do you have any...you know...more recent dinosaur pictures? ;-)

Sean Craven said...

Well, you know. I've been doing, you know. Stuff. Stuff and things.

That Anomalocaris is kicking my butt, no fooling. I've gone to photos of fossils and thinking of it as related to Opabinia changed the way I looked at --

Hey! Hey! Behind you, Zach! It's sasquatch! I swear to god, it's sasquatch!

Anonymous said...

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