Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Two Bios With No Self-Deprecation, And One With Just A Little

Well, I found out that this is the print they want at the Gualala art show. It was the best of the early pieces in the series but it's not my favorite anymore. It'll do, though. Imagine this at 3' by 4' on canvas.

And here's my page in the artist's book that's currently in production. The woman who advised me on the contents said, "Nobody reads these anyway," so I figured I'd give them something not to read.

Well, I managed to get through the two bio pieces without slandering myself. Here's the first, for the mystery project that I'll tell you about on March First.

Sean is a writer and artist who hovers in-between the fine arts and illustration and uses a wide variety of both traditional and digital techniques.

While he loves the dinosaurs, he likes to work with the full span of extinct life forms. Why limit yourself?

You can find tons of his art and casual writings at his blog, Renaissance Oaf.

And then something more extensive for the Gualala show.

Sean Craven is a writer and artist living with his spouse Karen Casino in Berkeley, California.

He’s had his fine art published in the literary small press, including magazines like Mean Times, Artfuck, Hand To Mouth, and Milvia Street. He’s the assistant editor, art director, and resident artist for Swill Magazine, which has been studied at the Columbia School of Writing and is in the permanent collection at The University of Wisconsin at Madison. It's also read for the Year's Best Fantasy and Horror anthology.

His paleontological illustrations have been published in Dinosaur World and Prehistoric Times magazines and have recently been featured on the University of Bristol’s DinoBase website, side-by-side with work from the top artists in the field.

His fiction has been regularly published in the small press and he’s recently made his first two professional fiction sales. He’s also worked as a scriptwriter for Mondo Media, producing Internet cartoons such as The God and Devil Show and Absolute Zero. Most of his scripting was done for the award-winning cult cartoon Thugs On Film, which made it off the Internet and was broadcast on BBC.

Fine art and scientific illustration, literature and genre fiction – Sean occupies a very odd cultural Twilight Zone and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

And here's the bio that's being used for the Ten Nails anthology, which features Thinking Caps, my booze & brain surgery story. And yes. God help us, it's true.

Sean Craven once did an experiment involving two twenty-two ounce bottles of 7.2 per cent Maximus India pale ale, a half pint of Wild Turkey 101, and a reputable online IQ test. The rules were simple – drink the booze on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and take the test, skipping any question that required any thought. Rigorously adhering to the principles of drunk and lazy he scored a 98, which he thought explained a lot about America. Of course nobody who was really intelligent would pull an idiot stunt like that.

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