Saturday, April 4, 2009

Inkblot Panorama 7

Well, of course I had that one last little bit of inspiration. I softened the edge where the faces overlapped... But I'm done now. I swear. Cross my heart.

So I'm gonna make this quick because I need to go jump in the shower in preparation for something really awful. See, sometime between three and four a van is going to come to my house to pick me up for an all-night bachelor party.

It's for my pal Josh so I can't not go. But I'm in a terrible mood, as I usually am these days, and there's going to be a lot of pressure to drink heavily.

As if I needed to be encouraged.

We're going out on the town in San Francisco. If there's anything I hate it's seeing a bunch of nicely-dressed people having a good time and that's the kind of thing you tend to see in SF bars and clubs on a Saturday night.

Here's hoping I'm not too egregious...

Tomorrow I'll be making a big announcement that I should have made a while ago...

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