Friday, July 24, 2009

Another Atrocity From The Vault

This is Amanda. Isn't she adorable? Look at how nice and fluffy she is! But if you read the story, you'll learn that fluffy is just another word for absorbent.

Ay-yi-yi. This week has been thrown all out of loop in a good way. Dealing with the Swill release, getting a tiny bit of work and a chance to help out a friend -- these are good. But I'm feeling a little looped and neurotic and I allowed myself to spill it forth in front of the Viable Paradise squad. A swell bunch of people, or so they seem from a distance.

Anyway. Another tale of La Vida Oaf. The guy in the Monday Night group who writes police procedurals told me that it actually works as a mystery! I'll admit, I was pretty mystified at the time...


Traumador said...

Nicely done on the mystery. I found those the hardest to write myself. How much do you give away at the start so that there are clues for the audience to follow, but yet not enought to give it away.

A slightly related, but yet tangent question. Have you watched Veronica Mars? If not please treat yourself by renting or buying the first season. I got hooked on it this year, and it is an amazing template for mystery story telling.

Sean Craven said...

Well, I think you've done a good job so far -- I've actually gotten pretty caught up in the little guy's adventures. I was particularly taken by the kung fu Lambeosaur, and was pleased when my guess about eggs was right.

(Since you speak of writing mysteries, I assume I'm not addressing the puppet.)

Can't agree with you enough about Veronica Mars. The missus watched the first season; I was all, "Yeah, a skinny blonde twenty-year old teenager. Like we need another one of those."

But then when she got the DVDs I gave it a shot and immediately recognized top-notch writing. The combination of satisfying individual episodes and overarching plot was genuinely masterful. And I really bought into the characters.

And you're dead right that it's a great education for a writer. Gonna have to take notes when I watch it again.