Thursday, July 23, 2009

Something Awful From The Archives

Hey, all. I've been trying to post every day recently -- it seems to make a real difference in my hits, and we all know I'm a gargantuan hit whore. Well, I'm gonna be busy selling out for the next couple of days. Not my soul this time, thank goodness, just a little undercover slave labor.

But I wouldn't want to let you get bored. Why not mosey over to my other site and find out how I reacted to some lies a nutbar health publication told about the Duke? I should update this to indicate that the rumor about Wayne was untrue, but, you know? Fuck him! He's dead!


ChiaLynn said...

Y'know, I'm glad you pointed out that there's no suggestion that be served over anything, because my brain had just inserted a bag of macaroni into the recipe and thought, "Ooh, eggy mac and cheese with green chiles!"

Of course, my brain had also insisted the eggs be hardboiled, and that was confusing me.

I think I need to have a talk with my brain.

Maybe it's in need of a colonic. Think it'll work any better if I just stick the rubber tubing directly into my ear?

Sean Craven said...

Tragically, that's not the way the tubes are arranged. You'll need to drill a hole through your skull...

If that works, let me know. My brain is extra-soggy today -- I went to sign up for classes and I forgot my social security number. Couldn't even remember how many digits it had.

I swear, the better I get in my creative life the more worthless I am for everything else. When the novel really started to kick in I opened up a big ol' can of dumbass and I haven't used it up yet!