Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Quality of Cool

The Oaf: It's not fair. I've been cheated.

The Missus: What now?

The Oaf: Okay, I'm brilliant, right?

The Missus: Well, yeah.

The Oaf: And I'm intense, right?

The Missus: Oh, yeah.

The Oaf: I'm moody! I'm a sensitive brute with a dark side, for chrissakes! I've got all the ingredients, but I'm just not cool.

The Missus: You don't think you're cool?

The Oaf: Listen, would you ever, in describing me to a third party, use the word cool?

(At this point the missus betrays a shy and wistful smile.)

The Missus: Weeeeelllllllll....... You're just too dorky.

The Oaf: I've been ripped off.

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