Thursday, February 26, 2009

Psittacosaurus neimongoleinsis: Part Nine And Over

And there we go. Now I'm all set to work out the colors -- although I suspect I may have a couple of hours worth of dividing light and shadow into separate shapes in order to accommodate the patterning.

Jesus. I think I'm going to make my deadlines without shaming myself.

But I am toast with loads more to go -- writer's group, printing, possibly varnishing a canvas, putting together an initial packet for the Bonelands prints, editing for the writer's group, the LitPunk reading on Saturday ...

It sure beats boredom, though.


Glendon Mellow said...

You could animate this wholoe thing into a little morphing movie.

Looks great, Sean!

Sean Craven said...

Thanks, Glendon. I went through the uglies on this one early on but when I added the shading I started to feel as though I wasn't going to embarrass myself in front of my fancy new dinosaur pals. Thankfully that, "Okay, I guess I know what I'm doing," feeling is getting to be more and more familiar to me.

Now you've got me wondering about Flash -- it's the one program in the Adobe Creative Suite that I don't use. Hmm... could this be an excuse to buy another goddamned instructional manual? Get thee behind me, Amazon!

March first, dude. Coming up fast, isn't it?

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