Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Psittacosaurus neimongoliensis: Part One

Here's the start of the fleshing-out process. These guys had very oddly-shaped heads, which I'm probably not going to be able to convey in a profile shot -- they were almost triangular, with the jugal horns flaring way out and very narrow beaks.

So I noticed the date and the fact that I haven't done any more than the skeletal diagram for the Psittacosaurus I need for the Big Secret Project to be announced on March First. So I'm taking inspiration from Glendon Mellow's Darwin Day liveblogging -- I'm gonna push through on this until it's done and post when I've hit the various stages of completion. It'll take a couple-three days more than likely but I'll try and beat the deadline.

The finished version is going to be done in a very graphic style using Illustrator -- but to make that work I have to have a very thoroughly developed sketch. I need to have all the areas of different color mapped out and so on and so forth. But by handling it this way I have the option of printing this out at life-size at some point. Which would/will be cool.

We'll just have to see how it turns out...

And in other news, I did the big canvas print of The Tower for the Gualala art show last night. It took forever -- but the finished piece was fucking awesome. I swear, if I left it out in public people would start sacrificing goats to it. Mind you, the thrill was slightly undercut by realizing that when you do a picture of a tower made out of a skull you're opening yourself up to all kinds of Freudian commentary. Oh, well.

Next post -- sometime this afternoon, around two or three most likely.

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