Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I haven't been posting much lately. I've been feeling pretty terrible, and I decided to eschew public self-abuse for a change.

Well, the missus is going away for a couple of weeks. She's leaving Thursday. This means I'll have the option of celebrating Christmas by getting drunk by myself in the dark, thus fulfilling a long-standing ambition.

In order to try and keep from letting my recent paralytic depression waste the next stretch of free time, I'm going to be blogging on a daily basis. I'll lay out my ambitions for the day, and report on how well I did the day before.

So. I'm still recovering from the road trip, so I'll take it light. Today I'll sign up for next semester's classes, go to the bank and find out about another loan possibility, and catch up on the emails I missed while I was gone to Oregon. (I'll fill you in on this later.)

We'll see how I do. I'm reasonably optimistic, considering.