Saturday, December 25, 2010

Best Oaf of the Year

The entire yard is like this, pretty much. Living with the missus is like being in a Clarke Ashton Smith story.

So, I've got a couple of hours to kill before we head over to my sister's house -- I'm giving 'em a collection of the Palomar stories from early Love and Rockets. They're going to Bermuda with my sister's pal Cintra, and I figure this will be something the whole lot of them can read in rotation. Now, I could do something productive, but I'm in a pensive mood, and it's freaking Giftmas. So rather than just kill time, I'm gonna take a quick look back at the last year of the blog, and hunt down all the stuff that's actually worth reading.


Well, that wasn't too bad. It is a little distressing to see that the blog has so little material in it that isn't interesting if you're not into the Sean show, but hey -- seventeen casual essays in a year is not at all terrible, right? Right.

So here we go with the cavalcade of fun!


The Watercolor Pad

Brass Knuckles

Sleazy Elephant

The Hayworth Principle

Flossing and Art

The Atheism Posts:

Green Chili Ratatouille

In Which I Lose Decisively



A Child's Garden of Serial Killers

Notes to a Fellow Writer

Helping Anonymous

Going by Appearances

Amazon is Amoral and Complicit

Woohoo! Road Trip!

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