Thursday, August 13, 2009

Creative Spaces 3: Decor by DeFault

I don't see myself as the decorative type. However, a lifetime of gifts, yardsales, and thriftshops has wound up accumulating into a rather distinctive style.

If you click on this image and roam around a little bit, you'll have a fair notion of what it's like inside my skull.

Of course I have bowls of dead bugs sitting around. No, they're not for snacking.

Of course I have random piles of carrion scattered about. No, they are not the result of snacking.

I saw this in the grocery store some twenty years ago and I knew that some day I was gonna run across a turkey that needed lifting. I'm ready for him.

Yes, that's a sickle and a mask. Everybody needs a hobby.

It's funny -- I picked up the Poe and Van Gogh toys on two consecutive weekends at two different yardsales. Paid fifty cents for one, a quarter for the other. They're both important figures to me. (Shit. That's a pun, isn't it?)

But just remember, oafboy, you want their drive and their talents. Not their fucking careers.


Peter Bond said...

Those action figures rock! But what about Leonardo da Vinci? Or Gandhi? Or Barnum Brown?

Sean Craven said...

Well, they weren't at yard sales. But I bet they've got...

Well, let's go take a lookie.

Yep, they got Leonardo!